• Standard Super Sterasyl Gravity Replacement Cartridge

Standard Gravity Replacement Cartridge

This gravity fed ceramic filter cartridge, 'Supersterasyl G1SS', removes 99.99% of dangerous bacteria such as e-coli, all parasites and cysts, including cryptosporidium and will significantly reduce chlorine, pesticides, solvents, foul tastes, odours, sediments, rust and discolouration.

This ceramic filter technology is so effective that it is the preferred choice of many relief agencies and embassies around the world, where water supply is dangerously polluted. This element is self-sterilising and cleanable.

Fitting instructions are included.

Please Note
This filter can only be used with the GWG1 portable system, which requires a set of four filter cartridges.

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Standard Super Sterasyl Gravity Replacement Cartridge

  • Brand: Doulton
  • Product Code: G1
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  • €32.00