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Ecosoft Ecozon 200 Anti-Scale Filter (Prevents Limescale Buildup on Boilers)

Hard water leads to formation of tough limescale which sticks on to the surface your heating appliances. Formation of limescale reduces efficiency of water heaters and boilers, eventually resulting in poor performance and increased power consumption.

Ecozon 200 anti-scale filters are excellent choice when it comes to preventing your heating equipment from hard water damage. The superior Scalex filtration media reacts with hard water not letting the scale stick to the surface. As a result, this extends the life of your boiler and improves performance. This results in significant savings on electricty bills.

Other anti-scale filters contain phosphates and polyphosphates which harm the environment. Ecosoft patented technology is free from such chemicals that deteriorate the environment.


  • Prevents limescale buildup
  • Protects appliances and increases efficiency
  • Saves 30% on electricity costs.

Ecozon 200 Anti-Scale Filter

  • Product Code: ECOZ200
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  • €75.00

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