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Doulton Water Filters

Enjoy the experience of a world-famous manufacturer of water filters that offers you a simple way to achieve superior healthy drinking water in your home and outdoors…

Doulton® have been producing ceramic water filters in Great Britain since 1826. The company holds many industry certifications recognised by the highest international quality standards and it is recognised as an eco-friendly manufacturer.


Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical, derived from naturally occurring raw materials.


Doulton® water filter systems offer a highly efficient way to remove chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride that are added during water treatment stages. Any heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and cysts that may have penetrated the water are also removed. In fact, it’s proven that 99.99%+ of these nasties are eliminated for good and all that remains is a more natural and healthier filtered water supply to drink and prepare your food with – at home, outdoors or on the move.

The Doulton® range is trusted by millions. Every ceramic filter candle carries a unique authenticity code and every filter housing has a warranty to ensure product legitimacy.