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ZIP Counter-Top Reverse Osmosis 

No Plumbing Required


The perfect option for students and rented accommodation!

ZIP Portable Counter Top purifiers are one of the best appliances you can find on the market to improve water quality & taste

 Provides instant, healthy, purified, great tasting drinking water at the push of a button

 Removes up to 99% of all contaminants: bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, limescale, sediment, heavy metals etc

 Returns beneficial minerals (calcium & magnesium) into the water

 Ideal for home, office, camping, student accommodation etc

 This compact innovative unit ensures that there is no water wastage

 Low maintenance cost with replacement filters for 0.41c per day

 The Zip RO comes ready to use, with the filters already installed

 Holds 2 liters of purified water & can filter up to 280 liters per day

 NSF Certified & 100% BPA free, ideal for maintaining good health & wellbeing

 Dimensions - W 9.5", L 14.5", H 16.25

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Counter-Top Reverse Osmosis ZIP

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  • €450.00

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