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NEW Doulton Counter-Top "Filtadapt" Drinking Water Filter (Red) - Connected Directly To Your Tap!

The Doulton Filtadapt is a contemporary counter top drinking water filter system with a 360° swivel spout. The modern design of this system requires minimal counter space with no power or plumbing required since system connection is through a faucet via diverter valve.

This system is easy to Install, simple to maintain and wholly reliable.

The counter top system comes complete with all connections and your first biotect ultra filter is included in the system.

The flipadapt connects to your existing kitchen tap via a diverter valve which fits most common threaded kitchen taps.

Available in a choice of colour: Red/Pebble

Advantages of this unit:

• Treats water to reduce odours, colours and sediments to provide great tasting, high quality, and safe drinking water for all the family.

• Setting up this unit is quick and easy simply connect it to your tap and let this unit get to work for you instantly(no plumbing required)

• After the cost of installation at only .15c a day this water filter system is a cheaper and healthier alternative to bottled water.

• Green choice for getting filtered drinking and cooking water as they are cleanable and reusable as well as easy to get to, remove and reinstall meaning low maintenance costs.

• Removes suspended solids, cloudiness, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, bad taste and lead.

• Removes heavy metals including lead/Cadium and Mercury which when present in drinking water even at low levels can be very harmful to your family’s health.

• Removes pathogenic organisms including E.coli, cholera and typhoid which have been known to cause illness in humans.

• Removes trace organics including insecticides and herbicides.

• Retains essential minerals including calcium and magnesium essential for muscle function as well as a healthy immune system.

Dimensions: Height: 12" (310mm) Width: 7" (180mm)

Material: Food Grade Plastic

Number of Filter Candles: 1 Filter

Candle Type: 10 inches long x 2 inches in diameter (254 x 49mm) M12 mount

Connections: Diverter valve fits onto most common threaded kitchen taps

Flow Rate: 1/2 gallon per minute

One ceramic water filter is included in this product. 

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Filtadapt Counter-Top Red

  • Brand: Doulton
  • Product Code: CTDWF
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €119.00

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