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  • Aisling's No. 4

Countertop Double Drinking Water Filter With FLUORIDE Removal Cartridge & Ultracarb Ceramic Candle

Contains: Double water filter housing, fluoride removal filter and Ultracarb ceramic filter, installation kit (tubing, valve) with a tap.

The water filtration unit situated on the kitchen counter beside the kitchen sink enables you to have an easy access to your water filtration system! It's ideal for those who move their home on a regular basis or look for a portable drinking water filter that can be used on different places

The connecting valve fits most common threaded mixer taps.

This dual water filtration system is a two stage filter system which brings superior ceramic water filters to the domestic market. The pores in the Ultracarb filter are so fine that not only does it filter out heavy metals (like lead) but bacteria are actually too big to fit through!

So throw away your old filter jug and enjoy the convenience of clean, healthy, great tasting softened water on tap in your kitchen. Installation kit comes with everything you need to take you from your mains water supply to the faucet tap provided.


Stage 1: Fluoride removal

- Designed to reduce Fluoride in your drinking water.

Removes Cryptosporidium & E-coli

Stage 2: Ultracarb

- Removal of pathogenic bacteria such as e-coli, parasites, fine dirt, chlorine, pesticides, solvents, oils, foul tastes and odours and sediment.

- Ultracarb also contains heavy metal removal media, which takes out toxic lead Ultracarb filter candle life – 6 months before replacement of the ceramic filter required (cartridge and filter candle life may vary depending upon your local water conditions).

Reduce unwanted naturally occuring and added fluoride in your mains supply drinking water by using the Fluoride reduction cartridge in the first chamber of the dual drinking water filter.

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Aisling's No. 4

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