About Us

About Us

Simply Water was set up in 1989 to offer customers a simple and affordable way to filter their water supply.

The result is a ceramic water filter system, which is outstanding in its effectiveness, efficiency and reliability with a low carbon footprint. Even the “clean” tap water supplied today isn’t what most of us would consider as clean. Water travels through many miles of pipeline to get to us and it picks up contaminants, bacteria and treatment chemicals along the way.

Simply Water filters and systems are designed to be easily installed, at an affordable price and will provide fresh drinking water for the whole family all year-round.

It has been owned by Tuam based Celtic Water Solutions company since May 2017.

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Unit 51 N17 Retail Park,

Galway Road,


Co. Galway

Phone No.: 093 60399, 01 4920414

Email: sales@simplywater.com